When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Many people experience discomfort when their wisdom teeth first erupt and this can be very painful. This usually happens in your late teenage years and some of the issues that you will come across will be infection, crowding of teeth and persistent pain.

Sometimes, you will need to remove the wisdom teeth so that you can prevent further complications. You can contact a dental clinic that offers wisdom teeth removal Doncaster so that you can alleviate the pain. There are also certain occasions where you can actually live with your wisdom teeth but in this article, we are looking at why wisdom teeth removal is done in certain patients. A common phenomenon that occurs when your wisdom teeth erupt is crowding of the teeth. Here, your other teeth will be pushed out of their normal alignment causing you a lot of pain. Sometimes, wisdom teeth tends to grow at an angle and this comes with its own problems such as not being able to clean it properly which increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When there is overcrowding in your mouth, it is better to remove the wisdom teeth.

There are also occasions

When the wisdom teeth don’t fully emerge from the gum line and this is known as being impacted. This can lead the area to swell up and you will experience a lot of pain. Also, this will increase your risk of infection. There is a lot of damage that can be done to adjacent teeth, gums and even bones by wisdom teeth and when the risk is too high, you will need to remove the wisdom teeth so you can avoid future complications. Wisdom teeth are anyway hard to clean as they are located at the very back of the teeth. And if they have not been brushed properly, they can be subjected to tooth decay or gum disease. This is why it is so important to have regular dental visits as your dentist will be able to get a better idea of your oral health and notice any cavities in the teeth. If the tooth is already decaying, the dentist will recommend removal as a decaying tooth can spread infection.

Wisdom teeth are known for the painful experience

You need to go through and the pain will be heightened if there are problems like impacted teeth or crowding. If you are suffering a lot of pain, you can visit the dentist and discuss your options. And removing the teeth will definitely help relieve you of your symptoms. There is minimal discomfort in this procedure and the recovery period is quite short. And removing wisdom teeth is a common dental procedure so you don’t need to worry about any complications arising from it as long as you research your dentist well. There are certain instances where the wisdom teeth forms cysts and these are filled with fluid and cause a lot of damage to teeth, gums and bones that are nearby.

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