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What to Know When Shopping for Sneakers?

Sneakers are popular for being casual footwear and there are so many colors and styles you can find to match any outfit. Their versatility and comfort make them an ideal shoe choice for so many occasions. There are also different types of sneakers depending on what you are doing.

Some of the important features that you have to look for when searching for women’s sneakers are materials, styles, fit and shape. Choosing the right material will ensure that the sneaker will last a long time even with frequent use. For warm weather, you can go with breathable and soft materials like polypropylene, cotton, polyester, lycra and suede. You can wear leather all year round in different weather conditions. You will also come across different categories such as low top, mid top and high top shoes.

Low top shoes can be used for any occasion and as the part of the shoe covering the ankle is quite low, it will show off your socks as well. You can wear mid top shoes for casual outfits and high tops are generally worn as active footwear for sports etc. High top sneakers will cover the ankle up to a maximum of 10 inches. These are generally used by sportsmen and women as they offer more support to the ankle.

The classic sneakers are made of a variety of materials such as synthetic, leather and canvas. You can pair these with a casual outfit without much thought. The price range is quite wide where canvas sneakers can be bought at a low price while leather sneakers can be quite expensive. You have to think about the type of your foot when selecting the shape of the shoe.

This ensures that you can stay comfortable for a long time wearing it. Slip-on sneakers are convenient and you can find these in synthetic materials like nylon. There are no laces for this type of sneaker although you may find loose laces in some models. The hassle of having to tie the shoe is avoided with this sneaker. However, as this is made of loose materials, if you have a narrow foot, this may not be the ideal type of sneaker to buy.

There is footwear that is designed for general purposes such as athletic shoes and these are lightweight shoes that can be used for so many occasions. You can walk or run in them without a problem and these are used most often as casual footwear. You can pick out one or two athletic shoes for your everyday wear so that you can be comfortable wherever you go. As this shoe is lightweight, it is made of synthetic materials like nylon, mesh and spandex.

You can also go for models with extra cushioning and shock absorption depending on what you are doing. You can also find sneakers that are not truly sneakers at all! One such example is boots that come with sneaker soles. You can get the best of both worlds in this as you have the durability of a boot with the comfort that you can expect from a sneaker.

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