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What to Know About Full Dentures?

A full or complete denture will fill your whole mouth but this is a removable device. You can use it to replace any missing teeth. Full dentures are usually recommended for somebody that has lost all of their teeth. Dentures are made out of different materials and most commonly acrylic.

There are different types of full dentures depending on the cost.

There are high quality removable dentures that are called premium dentures or false teeth. These are designed to sit in your mouth without creating much discomfort and they are designed and fitted by a dentist. These dentures will be customized to your mouth by a dental technician so that it fits perfectly. And they will be able to match the actual color of your teeth to make sure the dentures look very realistic. High quality dentures can be hard to tell from real teeth and you will not feel much of a difference once you get accustomed to wearing them. Any issues you have with fitting can be solved by going to the dentist and making adjustments.

These are more expensive but the high cost is worth is as you will be wearing them all day and it will have a big impact on your appearance as well. It will look good and not look as if you have false teeth. The dental technician will be able to match the dentures to your actual teeth ensuring that there is not much difference. These are made of quality materials as well. You will need to go for follow up visits so that the dentures can be relined or refitted and this will last you a long time saving you money.  

There are also economy dentures that you can choose if you are looking for something more affordable. They may not have the perfect fit as premium dentures but you need to understand that these can increase the cost of the dentures in the long run as you will need to make more adjustments to counter for the poor fit.

When it comes to dentures, they come with artificial teeth that can help you eat food as normal and a base that keeps the artificial teeth anchored and restores defective tissues. The upper and lower parts of your jaws are different so this difference will be echoed in the full dentures as well. There are full upper dentures and full lower dentures. The full upper denture will have a plate to cover the roof of the mouth. And the full lower denture is shaped like a horse shoe and it will rest on your gums and bone tissues.

You will definitely notice a difference in your life

After getting full dentures and this will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again and build up your confidence in smiling and talking to others without having to cover your mouth. There are denture adhesives to keep the dentures in place. There are different brands so you may need to experiment a bit to find the right one for your requirement. With full dentures, you will be able to speak as you did previously with your natural teeth and this allows you to live your normal life without any disruptions. You will be able to eat comfortably and make you appear younger as well.

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