What To Expect on A Meeting with An SEO Consultant

When meeting with an SEO consultant, be prepared to answer questions about your website’s content and search engine optimization strategy, particularly website traffic. Website traffic will be one key indicator that the strategies implemented by an SEO consultant are effective.

You need to be able to show the consultant last month’s traffic from your website to be compared to the coming months once the plan of action has already been in motion to drive organic and or paid traffic to your website. This is essential if traffic changes are one of the results that you are aiming for and why you want to hire an SEO consultant in the first place.

You want to fully understand the progress and development of your SEO performance and you should be aware of your website’s tracking conversions, traffic, and rankings, and updates since these would all be asked by the SEO consultant. SEO agencies also often use reporting platforms such as Google Data Studio to report on traffic and SEO platforms to get an overview, so familiarizing yourself with this will also benefit your meeting with a consultant.

Ask the consultant about the different search engine optimization techniques and tools available

When you ask the consultant about the different SEO techniques and tools that they will use for your website, you’d already get an idea if they are well-versed in the process. If they are scrambling and are just coming up with vague explanations and they keep on using jargon to try and confuse you, they don’t have a set strategic plan on how to help your website increase visibility.

Most probably they would make some changes in your website’s coding as part of their search engine optimization efforts. When you speak to a consultant or SEO agency, inform them that you would like to know beforethey access and alter your website code. With this, you are informed of all the major changes they would like to implement and if you are not on board with, no time and effort will be wasted.

Be prepared to discuss your website’s traffic statistics and how they can be improved

If there are some aspects or data that you are not familiar with or they seemed too technical for you, make sure that you ask questions, and the consultant will be able to explain it to you comprehensively. Of course, it will not hurt if you are able to do your due diligence and take the time to learn about SEO optimization so it will be easier for you to understand what the consultant or the agency would want to do with your website.

If you are also aware of all the necessary information that they will ask you, you will be more prepared to share your ideas as well. Plus, you want to be kept fully informed of the progress and what is happening with your SEO performance. If you lack any basic information or foundational knowledge about SEO, how will you be able to understand what the consultant is explaining?

Ask the consultant on how they will improve your website’s ranking

This is very important and the main point of your meeting with them. All SEO consultants will know how to help your online presence but if they tell you that they could make your website rank high in any search engines within a span of few weeks, you should conclude the meeting and set a meeting with a different consultant. SEO strategies take time and Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and what works today might not work tomorrow. So, it’s better that you work with someone who is honest with you with regards to the whole SEO process.

In this age, going digital is the only way, especially if you want to keep up with the trends. Hiring an SEO consultant or an agency is the first step towards that.

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