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Tips for Choosing Taco Filling

Tacos are enjoyed all around the world and there are so many possibilities when it comes to their fillings. The traditional filling types tend to be chicken or beef while there are creative fusions nowadays as well.

You can look for taco filling recipes online to get some inspiration. The flavour profile of the filling is very important when choosing the filling. You need to make sure that the ingredients you choose have flavour profiles that complement one another. For example, if you are using seasoned ground beef which is a classic filling option for tacos, you can pair it with spices and onions. There are vegetarian options for taco fillings as well.

Some of the ingredients you can use to make vegetarian taco filling are grilled tofu, black beans, onions and sautéed peppers. You should always experiment with different flavours to see which one you like best. Some of the options you can experiment with are sweet and savoury or smoky and spicy flavours. This will bring something new to your taco fillings.

Think about the different textures that make up the filling as well

The ideal filling will have crispy and soft components perfectly balanced. Some of the different textures that you can add to the filling are the creaminess of sauces, the crunchiness of some vegetables and the tenderness of the meat. For example, if you are having grilled meat in the filling, you can have tomatoes and shredded cheese for a soft element with crisp lettuce. A creamy element can be added in the form of yoghurt or guacamole. Consider your preferences when it comes to your diet and whether you have any restrictions. For example, if you are a vegetarian, you can find options that don’t include animal products. And if you are looking for a gluten-free option, corn tortillas are a good option. But if you don’t have this at hand, lettuce wraps are an innovative way to carry the filling. These will add the crunch just like a crunchy taco shell does.

Choosing fresh ingredients is always the best solution when it comes to any meal

So look for ingredients that are in season so that you can assure their freshness. Look for herbs and vegetables in season so that you can enhance the flavour of tacos instantly. Some of the seasonal ingredients you can add to taco filling are avocados, corn, cilantro and tomatoes. And you can also look for international flavours for inspiration as well. You can look to other cuisines such as Middle Eastern, Asian and Mexican when choosing flavour profiles. You will be pleasantly surprised with the depth of flavour these new ingredients and cooking techniques will bring. If you are considering Asian fusion tacos, you can look into spicy gochujang tofu as a Korean spin on taco filling. You can also use pickled vegetables and falafel when including Middle Eastern flavours. This will take you on a culinary adventure and you will find so many options when choosing simple meals to make in a short time.

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