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Tips for Choosing Lego for Kids

There are so many types of Lego and the creations you can build out of them are endless. There are also varying levels of complexity with Lego and you can find sets suitable for adults as well. There are different themes that appeal to people of all ages.

When choosing Lego for children, the first thing you need to consider is their age. This will determine the complexity of the Lego set. And also, some sets come with extremely small parts that can be a choking hazard for small children. You can find Lego that is made for children from one and a half years old. These pieces will be large and will improve manual dexterity of children.

The good thing about Lego sets is that they are also compatible with other Lego sets in the same range. Once you are aware of the Lego sets available for the age range, you need to think about the interests of the child. If they are a fan of action movies, you can find Lego sets that are based on that theme such as Star Wars Lego Australia. There is even Lego that incorporates Marvel, Harry Potter, and Barbie etc. You can create favourite scenes from the movie, iconic buildings, vehicles and even characters. Lego is a highly imaginative product and it can be used by any child to build anything they want.

There has to be something unique about the Lego set you are selecting. Maybe there are accessories that come with it that the child has not seen or there can be certain unique pieces that can be interesting. This is something that will attract their curiosity and it will also give them an idea of the variety of Lego that is available so that they can understand what they like and dislike.

You can always get the child’s input when shopping for Lego. There may be certain things they want to build or certain themes that they are interested in. When shopping for a gift, you have to first think about the budget. Lego comes in various price ranges. And you also need to consider what the child likes to build. Chances are that they have been introduced to Lego already so they may already have certain preferences. For example, they may like to build houses, castles, cars, trains, sculptures etc. You can then look for something in this category along a certain theme of interest.

If the child likes to build castles, you can look for what is available in the Lego Castle Collection. There are so many building elements that you can find in these and by combining several sets, they will be able to build something unique. For older children, you can look for something more complex that will hold their imagination and expand their creativity.

There are special ranges in Lego where you can build realistic vehicles along with a power function. You have to think about the colours in the set as well. If you are buying basic Lego, you can get pieces in various colours so that there is more opportunity to build something unique.

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