Having a Safe Vacation with Heart Problems

Going on a vacation can be something that all of us need once in a while. Even people with different types of diseases need to have a vacation or travel to different places. Let is see how people with heart problems can go on vacations.

Have you recently been diagnosed with or treated for cardiovascular disease?  Before you go on vacation, it is better to wait until you get better. Most of the time people with cardiovascular disease can take vacations.  If you are stable, well-controlled, and feel good, you are good to go.  However, you must first seek advice from your therapist. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning your vacation:

Stay in accommodation that is close to the facilities. If you are not confident that you are in good health and well adapted to this level of activity, do not go to the mountains and engage in strenuous activities. Know all the emergency numbers and also carry a heart defibrillator, will be helpful in need of emergency.

If you travel by air or overseas, gets a letter from your doctor describing your medical condition, medications, allergies, and any medical device you may have, such as pacemakers and so on.

Take the telephone numbers of your doctor and family members with you. Make sure you have the right travel insurance to cover your situation.

It is essential that you take enough medication with you throughout the vacation. Keep it in a place that’s easily accessible.  If you miss any of these medications, including the generic and trade name of your medication, keep an updated list of all medications and doses in your wallet or purse.

Do you want to carry the necessary medical supplies in your luggage?  You will need a letter from your doctor explaining the purpose of this. Need to carry more than 100ml of liquid, cream or gel in your luggage?  Then you require a letter from your doctor and permission from the airline before you travel.  You must take the drug separately and declare it safe. There can be certain drug restrictions in certain countries, you should always check with than before you take any medicines with you.

Many people with cardiovascular disease can travel safely without deteriorating their health. If you’ve had any heart problems recently. You should always get advice from your cardiologist before vacation.

If you have been given the green light for a holiday that includes a flight and feel you require assistance in the airport lounge or during your flight, please notify the airport or airline in advance. This may include assistance with your baggage or preloading. As you move through time zones, it can be difficult to maintain a medication regimen. Take it 12 hours later / as usual on the day of travel as prescribed until you are comfortable with your surroundings. Your doctor or nurse will be able to advise you on the best way to deal with this. See the section above for more information about traveling with medication.

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