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Gift Ideas for a First Birthday Celebration

A first birthday is a lovely milestone in a child’s life and there are so many ways that this day can be celebrated. If you are invited to such an event, you need to carefully think about what gifts will be suited for the occasion. A one-year-old child will not have any concept of a birthday so the gift and the event is much for the child as it is for the parents. It is a beautiful occasion for friends and family to get together.

You have to think about several factors when selecting first birthday gifts such as the budget that you are comfortable with, the age of the child, their gender and interests. You can always contact the parent to get some inside information about the child’s interests so you can select something they will love. There is also a lot of information online about what will strengthen the development and social skills of the child at this age.

One such gift option that will improve the language and social skills of the child is books. There are board books and picture books that have pop-up characters, beautiful scenery, bright colours, different textures etc. that will catch their attention. And reading a book to the child is an activity that further bonds the child and the parent. The parent can narrate the book to the child using different voices and sounds which can make it a unique experience for them.

There are also arts and crafts suppliers you can find such as washable markers, finger painting kits and crayons that the child will love. Yes, it will create a mess but it will also help them explore their creativity. Washable paints will prevent the total destruction of the home which is something that the parents will thank you for.

When babies use different colouring tools, they learn how to grip the items and it can improve their hand-eye coordination. They will also learn important motor skills. There are also sorting toys where the baby will be able to learn about basic colours and shapes. They can also match images to each other. These toys will strengthen their mind and most of the toys require the baby to sit upright which will help them strengthen their core and have better balance.

If the baby can stand, you can consider gifting a push walker. This will help them become steady on their feet and it can also help develop their strength. Look for push walkers that come with different accessories that the baby can interact with such as music, blocks, moving parts, sounds etc. This will hold their attention for a longer time. Pull toys are great for babies that can walk.

If they have a favourite animal or a vehicle, you can find a pull toy that resembles that. For example, if the family has a pet dog that they are used to walking, the baby can get involved by pulling their toy on the walk as well. This will get them up and moving and they will learn about the outside world a little more. But both parents will be required on the walks so that the baby gets undivided attention.

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