Considerations for Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for everyone and there are so many styles and colours that you can find something that suits your preferences. These have a functional and aesthetical aspects. They will protect your eyes from harsh UV radiation and glare while also being a chic fashion accessory.

When you are searching online for sunglasses, you will come across so many different styles, colours, sizes and different brands such as Gidgee Eyes. Having such a wide variety of options can be a little confusing. So you need to focus on which aspects can help narrow down the search. The first thing you should look for is the level of UV protection offered. This is the main reason you are purchasing sunglasses so you need to consider how much protection you are getting. And just because a sunglass has darker lenses or a higher price point doesn’t mean it has a higher capacity to block UV rays. Look at the description to see if it says that the glasses block UV rays 100%. There will be a tag attached to the sunglasses that will note the same. You can further clarify this by contacting the store.

Sunglasses come in so many different sizes. While you may prefer smaller glasses for aesthetic reasons, you need to consider the coverage you get from it as well. You will have better coverage with oversized or wrap-around sunglasses. When you are wearing smaller sunglasses, there will be still some UV rays entering the eye and you may not get the maximum benefit from it. In addition to the size of the sunglasses, you need to consider comfort and good fit. Consider if you are able to wear them comfortably for long hours under the sun. The quality of the lenses and the tint are important factors to consider. You need to choose a tint that is uniform. You will be able to see imperfections in the tint when you hold the glasses at arm’s length. Aim the lenses at a vertical line such as a doorframe while keeping it at arm’s length. And slowly move the lenses up to see if the straight line of the door frame appears to be distorted. This will indicate lower quality lenses.

You also need to consider how much visible light is blocked by the sunglasses. These should be able to block at least 75% of visible light. And this is what will make wearing the glasses easier for you. You will find that there is less glare to deal with when you go outdoors. You may not be able to check this thoroughly when you are trying out the glasses inside a store. The trick to ascertaining this is to wear the sunglasses in front of a mirror and try to see if you can see your eyes through the lens. If you are able to do this, the glasses are not dark enough. There are different lens colours as well and while this will not affect light blocking abilities of the sunglasses, it can impact visual contrast.

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