Common Mistakes in Tiling the Bathroom

Many homeowners decide to retile their bathroom when it comes to renovations as this can transform the appearance of the space drastically. Also, if you are changing the layout of the bathroom which includes changing the positions of bathroom fixtures, plumbing lines and wiring, you will need to retile anyway.

It is important

To select an experienced bathroom renovation company for retiling as there are many errors that can occur in the process due to inexperience, lack of skill or supervision. You can contact Rob Fuller tiling hawthorn to obtain a quote for your bathroom renovation. They will be able to increase value of the bathroom as a result of smart design decisions and careful selection of materials. Proper planning is very important when it comes to a tiling project. And one of the common issues that can come is not measuring the areas to be tiled properly. When accurate measurements of the space are not taken, you will end up with awkward cuts and tiles that are not aligned properly. Or will be hard to achieve symmetry in this way. Before tiling occurs, there has to be a detailed plan created for the layout. This will include the accurate measurements along with where to cut the tile and where to start laying. This will get rid of most issues.

If the surface is not prepared properly, the tiles will not properly adhere to it.

And this can lead to problems in the future such as loose or cracked tiles. Sometimes the tilers will not clean the surfaces properly and there will be dust or dirt on the surface. This will interfere with the adhesive bonding. Waterproofing is an important step in tiling a bathroom. You need to seal the bathroom properly so that water damage is prevented and this is achieved at the waterproofing stage. When tiling a bathroom, the condition of the subfloor has to be taken into consideration. Sometimes the subfloor can be uneven and this has to be addressed before tiling starts. If this step is not carried out, it can lead to uneven tiles. You have to choose the right tiles for the bathroom. The specifications of tiles can differ when it comes to durability, water resistance and maintenance. Many homeowners use ceramic and porcelain tiles in the bathroom because of the high water resistance offered. And there is a lot of versatility in these tiles which allow you to create different designs.

Tile spacing is required for functionality and it has an effect on aesthetics as well.

If the tiles are too close together, the grout lineswill be uneven and you will find it hard to clean it. But if the spacing is too wide, this will lead to larger grout lines and a lot of dirt will accumulate on these lines which can double your maintenance requirements. To ensure spacing is consistent, you need to use tile spacers. If you have an irregularly shaped bathroom, it can be difficult to create a visually pleasing layout. You need to establish a centre line and decide where to cut the tiles to create balance.

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