Write For Us

We are offering opportunities to write for us. If you have good knowledge about the environment and have experience in related work then you can write for us. Here are some guidelines you should follow.

  • Your article should not promote your business and should contain only information related to the environment.
  • You can have links back to your site from the articles.
  • You can add external links, but it should be relevant to the topic and should be from a good source.
  • You should include an author bio at the bottom of your post. You can add one external link to your site from here.
  • You should submit original content only. It should be checked through Copyscape.com, else your article will be rejected.
  • You should write ‘Guest Post’ in the subject line of your email.
  • Your post should be at least of 700 words.
  • You should submit your post with SEO targeted keywords.
  • You should include 1 or 2 images along with your article.
  • You should promote your article in your social media circles.

We reject poorly written articles. Your article should be of high quality, interesting and creative. We will review your article and decide whether to publish it or not. We hope to hear from you soon!