Top 4 Features Of An Eco-Friendly Behicle

Private motor vehicles contribute significantly to pollution. They emit harmful gasses and pollute the environment. Many car manufacturers are coming up with eco-friendly vehicles. We must use these vehicles and protect our environment. Here are some features of an eco-friendly vehicle.

Lighter weight

These vehicles are made from light-weight metals. These metals are usually derived from recycled materials. Instead of having leather interiors, these vehicles have durable cloth alternatives. This reduces the weight and makes it more aerodynamic. So, the car gets better gas mileage.

Emission sensors

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, vehicles should limit the emissions in order to reduce smog. This will keep the air clean. There are various emission sensors available that help to control the emission.

LED lights

These lights are more energy and fuel efficient. They are brighter as well. So, there is less chance of road accidents as you will be able to see well in dark. These lights are also easier to clean.

Hybrid engines

These engines can switch automatically between gas and electric mode, resulting in fuel saving. When the engine is idle, it switches to battery mode. When accelerating, it uses fuel and recharges the engine at the same time. Your car gets good mileage.

There are many other interesting features of eco-friendly vehicles. Car manufacturers are constantly researching on it and finding ways to make cars that will lower the pollution level. We should all try to use eco-friendly cars and help reduce environmental pollution.