5 Ways You Can Reduce Pollution

Pollution is affecting our health and the environment. We need to take immediate steps against pollution to make our planet livable. Here are some suggestions.

Plant trees

It is a very effective way to curb pollution. You should make your contribution to the natural environment by planting more trees. It will help to restore the natural environment and restore biodiversity.

Ride bicycles

You should avoid cars or other transportations that emit harmful gasses to the environment. Consider riding bicycles to work or other places. You will reduce the level of pollution caused due to transportation.

Go natural

You should avoid using petrol and diesel. You can use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) instead. You can use wood for cooking instead of gas or use technologically advances gas or electric stoves that cause less harm to the environment.

Stop littering

Most of us litter while we are on the road or other places outside. We should stop this bad habit and put an end to dirtying our surroundings. Litters are breeding grounds for insects. It causes viral and bacterial outbreaks. We should use dustbins to throw away litters.

Recycle and reuse

We should recycle our waste and reuse them when possible. This way we can conserve resources and stop pollution. We should recycle things like paper, metal, etc. so that they don’t end up in landfills.

These simple steps can help in saving our planet from the harmful effects of pollution. We all should be concerned about protecting our environment and take necessary measures.