5 Devastating Effects of Industrial Pollution

Factories and industries give off different pollutants. About 50% of all pollution is due to factories and industries. They give off toxic materials to the environment that are harmful to health and the ecosystem. Here are some of the terrible effects of industrial pollution.

Global warming

Global warming is a serious problem caused due to industrial pollution. Industries and factories release various greenhouse gasses to the environment, like carbon dioxide and methane. These gasses increase the earth’s temperature resulting in a global warning. It can have severe effects on the environment and health. It leads to rising in water level, extinction of polar species, melting of glaciers, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.

Water pollution

Pollutants that are released from the industries have harmful effects on the water bodies. The water gets contaminated with harmful chemicals, organic sludge, and radioactive materials. It affects the marine life and the environment as well.

Air pollution

Industries emit harmful gasses like sulfur, oxides of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. These gasses cause environmental hazards and illnesses. Acid rain can occur, smog forms and people have respiratory disorders.

Soil pollution

When industrial wastes are disposed into landfills, it causes soil pollution. Industrial wastes have different types of toxic materials. It accumulates in the topsoil and reduces fertility. It results in ecological imbalance as well and affects crop productivity.

Wildlife extinction

Industrial processes demand exploitation of raw materials. This leads to the destruction of natural habitats. Mining, deforestation, etc. forces organisms to move into the wild and exposes them to harsh living conditions. So, the wildlife species is slowly becoming extinct.

We should control the industrial waste production and use environment-friendly ways to manufacture items. Otherwise, our earth will soon become non-livable.